Growth in Extended Product Development (EPD) Team – Domestic market

Author : Administrator

Published on : 2023-01-25

ITL has maintained its most preferred partner status with customers in Resource Augmentation, by supporting our customers various technology projects, working as their extended team, based on project needs. ITL’s simplified policies and approach makes resource ramp up/down effortless process for customer’s project teams.

In 2022, ITL’s growth on this EPD was very successful with addition of big MNCs in our domestic market. In Indian domestic market, L & T Construction Ltd , Servion Global Solutions have been continuously leveraging the value add services of ITL’s EPD and also awarded a very big project to ITL by seeing the quality and timely support of ITL as a Trusted Partner.

Our Expansion in Domestic Market in 2022 has been significantly higher with addition of





ITL’s Extended Product Development Team along with hiring partnership program is the “Go to Strategy” for our customers and especially in US Market for one of our big clients in Supply Chain Consulting & Process Automation, this has been a proven success story. ITL will always be willing to extend this support for anyone globally who wants to start their project immediately.

If you would like to leverage/utilise the services of ITL to set up an Extended Product Development Team (EPD), please reach out to us at