“New Office New Beginning” – ITL’s New Office and Expansion

Author : Administrator

Published on : 2023-01-10

ITL, Chennai, now moved to its own building, operating from new office since October 2022. The new office has more capacity to cater for the current and future expansion plans, best in class infrastructure to support any future technologies. ITL takes this opportunity to thank all its customers, partners and other who all supported in ITL’s decade long journey.

The inauguration ceremony of ITL’s new head office was completely taken over by ITL employees with great enthusiasm on 3rd Oct 2022. Mr. Mahesh Subramanian, MD & CEO inaugurated with the ribbon cutting to start its operations followed by a chill out gathering and speech by ITL’s first batch of people who have been with us for the last 10 years.

A small gathering at the cafeteria opened the floor for a casual connect. It was a great day in a new office and people were practicing music, fun games etc. since inauguration happened during the Company’s Annual Day was just a week away.

"I am very glad that this new office expansion motivates all our employees to come back to office and enjoy the work culture with direct interactions with colleagues and bringing a very healthy life and fresh mind to have a new beginning"
Mahesh Subramanian, MD & CEO