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Published on : 2023-01-26

RETAIL ONE – R1 is more than just a POS: It’s a complete business solution which starts from procurement & ends with customer satisfaction. R1 ensures billing and store operations function seamlessly. We give utmost importance to build faster, better, and maintainable solutions. One of the most remarkable solutions is the ability to move the operations to Cloud, which allows them to “work both online and offline” and access, manage everything from anywhere.

Retail One Features:

  • POS
    Retail One flexible point of sale lets you pivot and scale smarter. Connect your register to your online store, payments, marketing, inventory, employees, and back-office from a single dashboard.

    Retail One Purchase module makes your business more efficient in inventory investment, transaction-level control based on individual purchase or batch. Track a product's life cycle from PO to delivery & returns.

    Retail One Inventory module handles the most complex inventory lists with ease, and lets you know what’s selling and what’s not.

    Retail One Reports module ensures your reports are securely accessed, which helps in getting information from the POS server in the shop. Add power to your fingertips and be more involved in your business like never before.

    Retail One’s Multistore management feature helps in monitoring of store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, profits and more. Take action from anywhere with web access to all stores. Feel confident and expand to more outlets

    Data is the backbone of any business. Retail One Cloud module acts as a real-time Backup Tool that provides automatic data backup and recovery and protects from data loss due to virus attacks, hardware failures, and even natural calamities.

R1 Software Release version 1.2.3 is the next planned release.

  • R1 supports android platform. We can have R1 in Tabs for customer business in handy

  • Multi Store feature available in R1 mobile applications for customers to choose near by available store locations.

  • Mobile application customer views can be made dynamic by publishing offers with respect to different occasions.

We will be delivering, R1 Release Version 1.2.3 to our new client Redbasket, with the below features:

  • R1 POS

  • Online Order

  • Mobile Order support and much more.