From Start-Up to Success: “Our 10-Year Anniversary”

Author : Administrator

Published on : 2023-01-02

ITL completes a decade, 10 successful years as “Your Digital Partner” with limitless boundaries, solving many key challenges. An Idea Accelerator for any Enterprise and Start-Up, the mantra for our success. As ITL celebrates its Glorious 10 years, ITL expresses its gratitude and thanks to all its customers, business partners and other associations. All our achievements are not possible without our great team, our family – the ITL Employees! Big Thanks to Team ITL.

At this juncture, as we ponder upon those successful moments, great learnings, joyous moments we shared in this journey, please note this is “just a beginning”

ITL started with a small team of 2 people 10 years back with just one project in a small office. Being a start-up “Result is the key to success than the size of the Organization”. This successful initial launch helped to grow our domains in various areas such as Enterprise Consulting, Logistics, Healthcare, E-commerce and more so in our Products as well with team of 75+ strong people with our consultants always be part of this journey. ITL now has its presence in various regions US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and its expansion to other regions is on its way soon.

According to latest survey report, 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Over the last 10 years of incredible performance & journey, we also realize that our work and personal lives have reached a new level of symbiosis. Facing the fallouts of the global pandemic, life and work have never been so intertwined as they are now.