Navis N4(TOS) is a complex application and ports often have a need to upgrade their N4, for major version releases or emergency patch releases. And an upgrade is not an task as the port has to absolutely ensure that there is no break in the current functionality.

Also for ensuring this the upgrades have to be tested in a test environment, which is a copy of production environment. If during this upgrade something fails for various reasons, the testing has to be carried all over again. So the testing, if done manually, can be very tedious and possibly error prone.

Ports being a 24×7 operations place it becomes extremely important for them ensure the upgrade works as desired before attempting it on production environment.

How does TestN4 help solve the problem?

TestN4 is a N4 test automation and test case management tool that can greatly shorten the testing time leading to a quicker production upgrade. With TestN4 tool one can set-once-run-many-times producing consistent and accurate test results every time.

TestN4 is built on top of “TestComplete” – the industry leading test automation platform.

Features at a glance

  •  TestN4 can be run 24/7
  •  Selective execution of Test Cases
  •  Unattended execution
  •  Error handlings (if any failures in N4, will skip and continue to execute)
  •  Can email the test results
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