Retail One (R1) enters into African market

By | January 10, 2022

Retail One, our commerce software suite for retail industry will be deployed to help the wholesalers in Republic of Djibouti, East Africa. ITL completed the setup, configuration, installation and the African team is in final testing phase. Solution is set to go live in the first quarter 2022.

Adaptability to the new region (Language, Currency, etc) and the flexibility to use it in Web application as well as a mobile application are some of the Unique Selling Points in Retail One.

R1 is more than just having systems in place to handle both online and in-store purchases, but an unified and connected system that integrates well for the retail business use cases. Wholesalers in Djibouti operate with the help of several agents in the market who have individual retail kiosks. Goods are sent on a daily basis and it’s been a challenge to maintain stocks on several outlets and reconcile at the end of each day.

Retail One cloud enabled Point of sale that works both offline and online will solve all of their current challenges for these outlets thereby increasing the revenue, maintain optimal stock, reducing the waste and administration burden for the agents/outlets.

Also with Retail One platform, the wholesalers will monitor the performance of all the outlets from a single login in the cloud while the outlets POS will work from simple tablet/mobile devices.

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