N4 PIC 3.0 released with much awaited Rollback Feature

By | January 10, 2022

ITL is happy to release another milestone version, N4PIC 3.0, Navis N4 Post Installation and Configuration with an important feature “ROLL BACK”.

We are constantly improving N4PIC, since its launch in 2019 and have added a new critical functionality, named Roll Back, in the new version, 3.0.

While the customers have been enjoying the benefits of great reduction in upgrade time, during testing and in production, this new feature enables users to reset the N4 settings back to pre-upgrade state.

N4PIC help automate various tasks such as managing N4 Settings, deploying code extensions etc., which are required as part of every N4 version upgrade.  The number of tasks depends on the upgrade path and the type of terminal – manual versus fully automated. When an upgrade fails, the test cycle has to be started afresh, which may require rolling back things to point zero.

This is where the rollback feature can come in handy.  Before an upgrade is attempted, N4PIC can automatically create a list of items to be reset by looking at the list of upgrade tasks derived from the release notes of the upgrade version.

Once this base reference is created, N4PIC can be executed every time the upgrade fails to bring the N4 environment back to status quo as before the upgrade.

This can save tremendous amount of time as the only other options could be to restoring the VM or manually reset things.

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