RWG Upgrades to the latest version of the Navis Software with N4PIC

By | December 30, 2019

With the various N4 versions and emergency patch releases, ports need to frequently upgrade their N4 system without affecting the 24×7 operations or breaking the current N4 functionalities

One of the busiest ports, Rotterdam World Gateway upgraded to the 3.6 version of Navis software. An upgrade of this scale requires 100s of configurations and settings in N4/A4, XPS, Database, etc., making it very tedious and possibly error-prone when done manually.

Our team of experts devised N4PIC, a Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool that specializes in Navis Sparcs N4/ A4 post-installation configuration. It is built to greatly shorten the downtime by automating and speeding up the configuration process of the N4 upgrades which in turn enhances the productivity of the terminal.

N4PIC is built on Java and Selenium test frameworks. One of the key features of this tool is that it can be ‘set-once-run-many-times producing consistent and accurate configurations every time on any number of N4 clusters. With the help of this tool, the overall downtime for this upgrade was reduced to 1/4th of the actual time.

The roadmap for the next version is in progress. Stay Tuned!

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