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By | July 1, 2017

The faster, easier, more cost-effective way to test enterprise mobile apps.

Mobile application End-End testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.

[1] Mobile application testing can be automated or manual type of testing.

[2] Mobile applications either come pre-installed or can be installed from mobile software distribution platforms.

With ITL Mobility Testing Lab You Will

Save time

Never delay testing because you have not to wait for devices or testing platforms

Accelerate time-to-market with 24/7 availability of mobile app testing resources

Improve quality

Extend test coverage over a greater number of devices and skilled testers

Make testing more robust and precise with mobile test automation tools.

What we do

ITL testing Lab is a solution that revolutionizes mobile app testing. It saves time and infrastructure maintenance cost by

  • Automating mobile app testing on-demand
  • Scaling to support iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Java ME phones, tablets and operating systems
  • Enabling validation of mobile apps on a multitude of real handsets and networks
  • Removing the need to procure different devices and platforms

List of supported Mobile devices

Platform OS version Manufacturer Model Type



HTC 626g plus Phone


Samsung Galaxy mega Phone


Samsung On5 Phone


Samsung Nexus Phone


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet


BlackBerry BlackBerry Priv Phone
Motorola Moto X Play Phone



Apple ipad2 Tablet


Apple 5S Phone


Apple 6S Phone


Tablet OS

BlackBerry BlackBerry PlayBoy Tablet


BlackBerry BlackBerry Z30 Phone



Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Phone


Microsoft Lumia 540 Phone


Lenovo Miix 3-830 Tablet

World-class networking performance

Engineered for maximum user performance, ITL Mobility Testing Lab resides entirely with high-speed global network. As a result:

Testing teams have dedicated connectivity equivalent to their current local network environment

The testing environment always performs at maximum speed.

ITL Full Range of Mobile Testing services

Testing Service Focus of service offering
Functional Testing GUI Testing
Regression Testing
Automation Testing Build Regression test automation
Build Smoke test automation
Non Functional Testing Performance monitoring
Synthetic transactions testing
Specialized Services Cross browsers/platform capability testing
Application Validation Certification & application validation


Challenges in mobile application testing will be selection of appropriate devices & connectivity.

Maximize automation can ensure a cost effective mobile testing process.

An optimal selection of target devices and using a mix of simulators and physical devices can maximize test coverage without the need to test every feature on each device. The use of Wi-Fi networks for the

majority of testing in combination with network simulation tools can reduce the cost and complexity of

testing on various cellular networks.

Maximizing automation is an effective way of expediting the testing process and reducing long term testing costs. Factors such as support for applicable mobile platforms, script reusability and total cost of ownership should be taken into account when selecting automation tools.

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