Ideal Tech Innovation Lab (ITIL), now in Bangalore, India

By | November 8, 2016

“Ideal Tech Innovation Lab (ITIL) in Bangalore” – Srinivasan Santhanagopalan (Srini) to Head

Ideal TechLabs (ITL) is pleased to announce that “Ideal Tech Innovation Lab (ITIL)” was successfully launched on 11th Oct 2016 at OXFORD Towers, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Strengthening focus on mobile platform innovation, Ideal Tech Labs has taken a long term strategic move to launch its “Innovation Lab” (ITIL) in the heart of Bangalore, a city known for technology innovation over the last decade. This would enable Ideal TechLabs in wider resourcing opportunities and to create “Centre of Excellence (COE)” on behalf of a number of global clients with a borderless approach.

With the formal induction of “Srinivasan Santhanagopalan (Srini)” as Director of Strategy and Operations, the company is focusing on leadership expansion and laying down a sound long term strategy for continuous innovation and new age product development. Srini has been a Senior Delivery Leader in the banking Industry with 23+ years of experience in various banking verticals such as Global Payments, FX Operations, Securities Operations, Lending Operations, Risk and Control.  Srini is also a “Six Sigma Green Belt Certified” and delivered various Automation and Transformation Projects.

“With Srini’s experience and network in Banking Industry, ITL is confident to venture into banking related products/apps as well” said  Mr. Mahesh Subramanian, MD and CEO of ITL.

ITL has already delivered various technology solutions and being an idea accelerator, the expansion plans of ITL in India outside Chennai would clearly reinforce the vision of ITL to its strategic partners and its other industry partners to enhance their association with ITL in the coming years, added by Mr Srini, Director of Strategy and Operations of ITL.


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